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Being fired from a job is, in most cases, an unavoidable reality. We obtain a job, we get fired, and we move on. However, in some cases, the cause for the layoff is unacceptably bad. There are a variety of reasons why someone would need the assistance of an Employment Attorney. You can learn more at GardnerFrankhouser, LLP

The following are some examples of reasons why being laid off from a job is not acceptable: Discrimination based on age. There are rules in place that make it illegal for an employer to fire or refuse to hire you solely because of your age. Discrimination based on gender. This is something that we’ve all heard of, and it happens more frequently than we’d like to believe. This could involve being fired or discriminated against because of a pregnancy. It is illegal to release someone based on their gender identity or the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Race discrimination is one of the most common and well-known. Race-based discrimination claims can range from not being hired to racial harassment. Although we have come a long way in terms of bridging the racial barrier, this still occurs in the workplace.

Disability Discrimination is another reason why an employment attorney may be required. You have a right to remedy under the Americans with Disabilities Act if you are denied employment or fired because of a disability or a perceived impairment. Religious discrimination and the Family Medical Leave Act are two further causes. Others may be less well-known, but they are vital to learn about, such as whistleblowers, overtime and payday law claims, and contract breach.