Salon Suites – Important Reminder!

A salon suite is a luxury mini salon which allows professional beauty experts to have their own exclusive salon without the associated expenses, overhead, and problems associated with more mainstream salons. In addition to being able to work at your own private salon, you also have the privilege of selling the salon products of choice and retaining all profits for yourself. Owning your own salon can be very rewarding, but is also often risky. Knowing what to avoid and what to include in your salon can help to ensure that your business is a success. Check

Rental Options – Renting a salon suite has many advantages. For one, it allows you to easily incorporate it into your current business without having to spend thousands of dollars to do so. Many businesses choose to rent salon suites as a part of a long-term arrangement with them. This way, they only pay a small monthly fee for the salon suite over a set amount of years, or until it is completely paid off. This is a great way to incorporate new equipment or to start a salon and lease the equipment to go along with it, or you can simply rent out a salon suite on a regular basis to allow for flexibility.

Use of Your Furniture – Often, you will find that leasing a salon suite allows you to use all of the furniture that you need in order to run your business. This makes a great deal of sense since all of your stylists and hair care professionals will be using these pieces of furniture on a daily basis. This includes the chairs that are often found in a chair-salon, as well as the table tops, the sofas, and even the lighting fixtures that are used to enhance the look of the room. This is especially important if you are targeting red carpet type clients since they will also be spending time in your booth. It is often best to lease a salon suite from a stylist that specializes in high end furnishings and that has a name brand reputation.