Preventative Maintenance for Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are long-lasting, but only if they are properly maintained. This article will include advice about what forms of preventative maintenance you should do to avoid costly roof repairs. You can learn more at

Gutters are a form of gutter that is used

Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid water damage. Their entire architecture relies on gravity to transport water from the roof to the ground. If this device becomes clogged with debris or becomes broken, water may back up and damage the roof.


When water accumulates on a flat roof, it is referred to as ponding. To avoid potential leaks, it’s critical to locate any areas that might be ponding as a result of recent rain or snowmelt. Although flat roofs appear to be “flat,” they actually have a slight slope or pitch to funnel water to gutters. However, exposure to the elements can often cause ponding, so keep an eye on it. If ponding occurs, immediate attempts should be made to disperse the water, and then competent repairmen should be called to address the problem.

Flashes of light

Flashings are made of metal, usually copper, and are used to cover items that protrude from the roof’s top. Flashings are needed where chimneys, turbines, and other similar structures bind to the roof to prevent water leakage. Water will have to defy gravity to reach the flashings because they are designed high enough. Flashings and fasteners, on the other hand, may be damaged or corroded, so keeping them in good condition can help protect the roof’s overall structure.

BURGEON Roofing is an essential part of every home.

The typical tarpaper and gravel type roof is known as BUR, or “Built-up Roofing.” It is both affordable and long-lasting. When inspecting the condition of this form of roofing, make sure the gravel is covering the whole roof and the paper is not exposed. Wind and other weather conditions will loosen the gravel, so checking the surface on a regular basis can help you find possible weak spots until they become leaks.