Miller Hanover Insurance Chronicles

An Insurance Agency, which is often referred to as an Insurance Broker, is an individual who brokers and sells various types of insurance. For example, many Special Insurance Providers or SIP’s will only deal with certain insurance agencies, which are required to provide their services on a contractual basis. The types of insurance that may be dealt with by an Insurance Agency include Property and Casualty Insurance, Liability Insurance and Business Insurance. It is often the responsibility of an Insurance Agency to provide advice on the various types of cover that are available and also to assist the buyer after the policy has been purchased. You can learn more at Miller Hanover Insurance

Although an Insurance Agency provides a service for businesses, they are not normally connected with any particular type of industry. In order to become accredited by an Insurance Agency, it is not necessary to have your own Private Insurance Company. As long as you have a valid insurance company operating in South Africa, you can apply to have your name considered for such an undertaking. You may even find that your company has been accredited and given its own insurance cover. Insurance agencies can help you make sure that you get adequate cover and also that you make sure that you understand what your policy entails.

The Insurance Agency concept is particularly useful for smaller businesses that do not wish to take on the extra cost of insurance themselves. For example, Insurance Agency Offices in Cape Town can cater to the needs of SMEs by helping them obtain their own insurance policies. Although the majority of companies that purchase insurance through an Insurance Agency do so because they are of a certain size, there are some SMEs which are reluctant to do this. If you are one of these businesses and you are looking to buy your own cover, then an Insurance Agency can help you. They will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you are able to obtain a good quality insurance policy at an affordable price.