Information about Infinity Painting

Have you ever wondered if you should paint your walls yourself, even if you don’t have much experience? I strongly suggest you to visit Infinity Painting to learn more about this. Painting will never be too difficult for someone as long as they know what colour they’re using and what the previous paint on the wall was like. Of course, picking the right brush and instruments is crucial, but nothing beats a thorough understanding of the paint you’re working with. So, if you’re about to take the plunge and “do it yourself,” prepare to read a few articles about the various types of paint (and the internet has a pretty good variety of those articles). After that, do some market analysis on the paint brand you want to buy. Keep in mind, though, that even the best painter can’t fix a bad paint job. Nobody likes walls with uneven colour and thin, almost translucent paint that looks more like milk than wall paint.

So, you’ve chosen a great colour for your water-based emulsion paint and are ready to turn your home. The first thing you’ll do is clean the walls. Make sure there’s no dust on the surface, as this could damage your new paintwork. Some people recommend using water and a decent detergent. At home, I’ve had great success simply cleaning off all the dust with a slightly damp broom or a piece of cloth. Then you examine the underside of your fresh colour. On the back of the can are some general instructions. Some of them will tell you to apply 10% clean water to the paint, while others will say nothing at all. Take a look at the previous paint job on the walls. You may also use emulsion paint on top of slaked lime paint or some other absorbent form of paint. However, there is a way to make your colour uniform.