Dental Implants Guide

Dental Implants are one of the most commonly used surgical procedures. Dental implants are used for replacement teeth which have become lost due to natural tooth decay, accidents, disease or natural lengthening of the gums. Dental Implants can also be used for straightening the teeth, jaw abnormalities, cosmetic dentistry and restoration of Missing teeth. A dental implant is a metal device that interfaces directly with the jawbone or the skull to securely support a tooth-like prosthetic, including a denture, bridge, crown, orthodontic cement or other removable prosthetic.I strongly suggest you to visit Dental Implants Near Me to learn more about this.

When a patient requires Dental Implants their tooth-like artificial root is surgically placed into the jawbone through the arbor, or socket, created by the cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon during the procedure. The arbor is designed to retain the titanium screw used to anchor the implant; therefore, multiple implants can be supported at the same time without any loss of oral function. Titanium screws are often used to support dental implants because they bond quickly with bone. After the titanium screw has firmly bonded with the arbor, the prosthetic root is then screwed into the screw and the process is completed.

Dental Implants are commonly used to replace teeth in the following areas: cheekbones, molars (teeth closest to the face), upper lips, gum, and the endosteal or root canal. With dental implants an individual’s bite can be corrected, resulting in increased chewing efficiency, better posture and facial strength. Because dental implants are made from the strongest titanium alloy, patients are not at risk of suffering from serious side effects which may occur from the use of traditional dentures and bridges. The strong, lightweight titanium metal used to construct dental implants provides a level of healing not possible with traditional prosthetics and is often described as feeling ‘like glass’. Dental Implants are placed with the patient’s oral healthcare provider to ensure that the entire procedure is performed correctly.