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Vascular medicine focuses on the treatment of the circulatory system other than your heart. This includes the veins, arteries and even the internal circulation of fluid within your body: Arteries: Thin, tube-shaped branches of connective tissue that allow your vessels to drain into your heart. Veins: Large, muscle-filled valves in your artery that keep blood moving toward your heart and away from it. Both arteries and veins are essential for proper blood circulation, but because some problems can be very serious, you should consider having a thorough exam first before treating any of these conditions. Visit Center for Vascular Medicine – Silver Spring, Silver Spring.

Abnormal heart rhythms, or arrhythmias, happen when there is something wrong with the electrical activity of the heart. There are three major types of abnormal heart rhythms: arrhythmias caused by ischemia (lowered heart rate), atriplication (an increase in heart rate) and ventricular fibrillation (a sudden, electrical surge in your heart). Having an abvm degree in cardiology fellow will give you the knowledge you need to treat these conditions, as well as other life-threatening diseases like congestive heart failure and heart attacks. The first step is identifying the problem, which could take years. A cardiology fellow will understand how the problem happens, what causes it and how to eliminate the problem before it can develop into a more serious disorder.

In addition to having a basic knowledge of the function of the human heart, a cardiology fellow can also become an expert in the detection and treatment of invasive disease caused by abnormal blood vessels. While it is impossible to eliminate all potential causes of an abnormal vessel, it is possible to prevent most of them. Ab Initio Medicines can be used to block abnormal blood vessels before they start to interfere with normal blood flow in the body.

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