Bail Bonds Keep People Out Of Jail Until The Case Is Heard

Anyone who has ever been in legal trouble understands how terrifying it is to be detained in jail until their case is heard in court. To this aim, agents pay the prescribed money to the court so that the accused can remain free until his or her court appearance. If you think you might need this service, seek up ‘bail bond’ or ‘bail bonds’ online to discover what options are available in your region.go to link has some nice tips on this.

When someone is arrested and arraigned in court, it is up to the court to decide whether or not they should be released before the case is heard. This will undoubtedly be determined by the seriousness of the case as well as whether or not the accused has a prior criminal record. If the judge believes there is a flight risk, he has two options: detain the accused in prison or set him free by requiring him to pay a considerable sum of money to the court. No one wants to lose a large sum of money, therefore this is usually enough to persuade them to return.

Those who do not have this cash or surety must now hunt for an agent to put up the guarantee on their behalf. To offer this promise to the court, the agent usually needs a 10 percent deposit or more. This can take various forms and does not always have to be in the form of money. House or property title deeds can be utilised in conjunction with credit card or cheque payments.

Typically, the accused’s relatives and friends will come up with the necessary funds simply so that their loved one can be released. If he flees, however, this can be a risky game because the stakes will almost certainly be forfeited. As a result, a family property may have to be sold to pay for something the owner had nothing to do with! Parents are frequently caught in this situation because they simply cannot accept that their children have done anything wrong.

After the subject has escaped, the agent must now deal with the court. If he cannot locate the accused and bring him back to face the consequences, he will undoubtedly be punished and held accountable for the full amount.