Aggressive Dog Training – Teach Your Dog To Be Your Protector

Some dog owners aspire to train their pets to be more than just family pets. They want their dog to be able to defend their home and loved ones. Aggressive training may make a dog untrustworthy and dangerous to his owners. Expert teachers should be in charge of attack dog training. Following these methods, however, you can train your dog to be more protective of you in times of peril.
If your dog can back up, it can provide you with some basic defence against invaders. Some dogs are more protective by nature than others. A good, defensive breed like a Doberman, Rottweiler, or German shepherd will provide you the finest more here.
As much as possible, make your dog feel like he’s a member of the family. He should be used to playing with all members of the family and should do so frequently. When people arrive, he should be kept around. He should be brought on picnics and allowed to be present at birthday parties, among other things. He needs to understand the distinction between play and danger. Keeping him around will also assist you in gaining his trust. When your dog feels like he’s a member of the family, his innate protective instincts are heightened.
Your dog’s obedience training is essential. He should be taught basic commands like as seat, heel, and so on. He needs to be taught to be obedient in all circumstances. Your dog will not be able to protect you if he is disobedient. Both on and off the leash, your dog must be able to heed directions.
You’ll need the assistance of a companion to teach your dog to attack on cue. Make a scarecrow out of old garments or get a life-size doll. Allow your pal to stand behind the doll and poke the dog’s nose with a stick. He’ll become furious and begin to snarl. Now give the order to attack. Every time he succeeds, praise him. Repeat until he can back up and attack simply by hearing your “attack” order.
During this instruction, be as soft as possible. Don’t be a jerk or use excessive force. Simply assist the dog in expressing his natural anger and protective instincts. It’s important to remember that advanced assault training is only for specialists. If you try it, it could backfire on you.