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A terrible international plague could be triggered at any time by one of these new and deadly diseases. It is critical that we remain vigilant and ready to face what appears to be the unavoidable.Covid-19, a coronavirus, appears to have terrified the world. It has become the twenty-first century’s bogeyman. The medical profession was first alarmed by how quickly it spread and killed people. They terrified governments all across the world, prompting them to take dramatic steps such as implementing various levels of lockdown. For most countries, it has been nothing but a socioeconomic disaster. Furthermore, the media’s continued coverage of the virus epidemic is producing unwarranted panic, uncertainty, and confusion among the populace.Find additional information at Partida Corona Medical Center

In my previous essay, “Corona: The Making of the Bogeyman,” I discussed how a frightened mind is incapable of rational thought. I also mentioned how a bureaucratic mind is incapable of thinking like this. As a result, I believe that a fearful bureaucrat would be doubly incapable of making any rational judgement. This may be seen in the bureaucratic actions made by governments all around the world.

The medical profession appears to have terrified governments all around the world into taking severe measures against the deadly corona virus. The international leaders had no choice but to go into lockdown to show the world that they were equally concerned and not backward in preserving human life due to bureaucratic mentality.

It didn’t matter whether these actions resulted in millions of people losing their jobs, businesses going bankrupt, airline firms collapsing, cruise operators ceasing operations, and tourism shutting down. It didn’t matter what happened to the economy or how people’s lives were affected as a result. The major goal was to save people at any costs. How could anyone dispute or condemn such a wonderful cause?