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Home building is the act of building a home, usually called a ‘house’ when considering the many people that may one day or sometime live in it. There are many kinds of home builder, and it’s up to each person’s individual requirements on what type of home builder they desire. For some, a general contractor is suitable, and for others, a home builder is more suitable. This article aims to provide an explanation of the difference between general contractors, home builders and home design/construction companies.I strongly suggest you to visit Builders By The Sea, Saint George Island to learn more about this.

A general contractor will produce a general floor plan that can be bought by many independent builders, which will result in them buying materials from him for the construction of their homes. The general contractor will then go on to work with any number of other constructors to get the construction of their homes going. A home builder on the other hand, will actually create the floor plans, which are then produced and sold by various manufacturers/suppliers, who are his contracted vendors. They also go on to the actual production of the homes. Many of the larger home builders have models homes on display at their facility; if you visit these facilities, you will see a large production line where many different types of models are being made.

Home building is a process; it’s a building process but it should be considered a construction process. As we all know, new homes are not put together in one day, sometimes taking several months or even years. A large part of building a new home involves coordinating with subcontractors, suppliers, electricians, plumbers and so forth. It is this coordination that are important to use a residential construction company, and it is this type of process that are best handled by a custom home builder.

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