When You Need Tucson Emergency Dentist

In your dental care strategy, emergency dentists play a critical role. If you chip a tooth, lose a tooth, or have a serious toothache late at night, on a weekend, or on a holiday, you must have the phone number of a reputable emergency dentist. Your main dentist may be your emergency dentist, but many dentists do not provide emergency services. If you have a serious emergency and can’t find a suitable dentist on call, an emergency room will be able to provide you with the treatment you need before a dentist can be found. You may want to check out Tucson emergency dentist for more.

Emergency dentists are available to treat patients in the evenings or on weekends. An on-call dentist can schedule you for the next morning before normal business hours, which, although inconvenient, is preferable to waiting until the office opens to see if you can be seen.
A serious toothache caused by impaction or an abscess is the most common condition that necessitates emergency dental care (infection). Your dentist may be able to support you by extracting your tooth or performing a root canal, but you may need to first take an antibiotic.

A chipped tooth, broken tooth, loose tooth, a tooth being knocked out, a broken lining or cap, or some other dental problem causing serious pain are examples of emergencies that need immediate attention. There is no universal definition of an emergency, and facilities and procedures differ from one dentist to the next.
An emergency dentist is not a replacement for routine dental treatment, but it may be a valuable addition to your overall dental care strategy. You can save yourself suffering and prevent lasting harm to your smile by holding a dentist’s contact details on hand.