Water Removal Vs Water Mitigation

Water removal is a process of cleaning up an area contaminated with water from a wide variety of sources. This cleaning process is usually performed to prevent further contamination or to restore the original condition of the place contaminated with water. Water removal is required in many situations, including building construction, basement water damage, roof leakages, septic tank issues, underground mines and flood zones. It is also done to prevent erosion of slopes in hillsides and areas prone to flash floods.Do you want to learn more? Visit Smart Dry Restoration – San Diego water removal

Water extraction involves different methods for getting rid of water. There are both DIY and professional water removal services. In both cases, the objective is the same; that is to remove the water as soon as possible so that no permanent damage occurs. Water extraction services can be availed through companies offering water mitigation, water remediation, and water restoration services. These companies provide specialized assistance to various residential and commercial customers.

Water mitigation is the process of controlling the damage caused by excess moisture in the atmosphere by decreasing or preventing the evaporation of water. Water removal, on the other hand, is the removal of water from an area due to accumulation or standing water. The main goal of water removal is to remove moisture, however, this process can also include dehumidification or remediation. When the root cause of the water problem has been identified, the water removal company can suggest remedial measures to address the problem.