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Plantation shutters have been around for quite some time, though many people still don’t know about them. They are basically custom shutters, customized to fit the exact measurements of your windows. They come in a variety of styles and designs. They can be purchased in pre-made sections, or you can get them pre-built and have them delivered. The real charm is being able to make your own personalized shutters by cutting and gluing together your own pattern and style. Plantation shutters were originally manufactured for use on plantation homes and other buildings designed for growing grapes. The idea was to provide shade from excessive heat during the day and a little bit of privacy at night. They are basically custom shutters, custom-designed, which got their name for their famous use on Southern plantations and old southern estates. They are typically made out of either wood or some other durable, sturdy plastic material. Visit Southern Custom Shutters (Concord), Concord.

They do their job pretty well, preventing heat gain from the sun in the morning, and keeping the heat out of the house at night. Not only do these window shutters help with air conditioning, but also keep your windows cooler in the summer months, where they are mostly used. In the wintertime, when it is cold and windy outside, they provide an even better solution by keeping your house warm from the outside. They do take some work, but once you get the hang of it, you will wonder why you did not get them sooner! One thing worth mentioning is that custom shutters can be ordered online and must be shipped within a few days.

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