Roof Moss Removal and Moss Treatment


The most common cause of gutter overflow is loose roof moss washing down into the gutters, creating a blockage in the gutter, downpipe, or, even worse, underground pipework, which can cost a small amount to repair. The remedy is to strip it and then apply a fungicidal spray treatment to the tiles to help slow down re-growth.

It should ideally be removed manually with a scraper/brush; do not take shortcuts such as using a pressure washer on the roof, which can strip the tiles of any colour and, in severe cases, ruin the tiles. After the moss has been removed, inspect the roof for chipped or broken tiles and repair them, then clean out the gutters of any debris. Finally, apply a fungicidal spray solution to the roof tiles. This will destroy any moss spores and avoid premature regrowth, as well as any algae and roof litchins.Visit Ready Roofing & Renovation Dallas for more details.

Most manufacturer’s warranties would not be voided by this form of removal. There is no flood danger, as there is with the use of pressure washers. The system would not remove the colour from the tiles, maintaining the property’s character and saving money on roof coatings. Many roofing companies want to sell roof renovation systems like coatings and sealants to consumers who only want a clean roof. Manual removal is a quick yet time-consuming procedure that provides the homeowner with just what they want: a moss-free roof, less gutter blockages, and less drop off into lawns and gardens.