Pre-production Phase And Post Production

Video production is a creative process where the aesthetic and emotional value of the movie is considered while the technical aspects are also taken care of. Video production is also the artistic process of making video footage for the television, cinema, or the internet. It is sort of like filmmaking, except with video captured either as digital signals on videotape or film. Video production companies are the service providers who provide technology, equipment and crew to produce a movie or video for an individual or a company.I strongly suggest you to visit Postcreatives, Howell to learn more about this.


The pre-production phase of the video production is very important because in this phase all the technical details are being planned, and all the costs are estimated, including the script, locations, cast and crew, and financing. This is also the most expensive phase because it includes not only the hiring of crew and equipment, but also other types of services such as location management, sound and camera equipment, special effects and more. There are many advantages and disadvantages in this stage; some advantages are the fact that at this point all the decisions regarding the story and the theme have already been made. In this stage it also becomes easier to organize the shooting schedule because everything has been planned out and executed.

Post production is the phase after the filming phase where the effects of the film are edited, color corrections, picture adjustments, sound mixing and other post-production services are done. Post production can be used for DVD, TV and other video production. It includes the deletion of scenes, re-recording, adding extra audio tracks, adding new graphics, adding new and different content to videos and much more. For successful video production there must be proper planning, development and the co-ordination between the director, the actors and the crew.

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