Moissanite Jewelry Rings Provide Just the Right Touch

It has the appearance of a diamond ring, sparkles like a diamond ring, and lasts like a diamond ring, but it is not a diamond ring. What makes you think it isn’t a diamond ring? It costs the same as a moissanite ring. Moissanite rings and jewellery are causing quite a stir in the fashion world, and word is spreading quickly.You may want to check it out

Moissanite is a mineral that was found over a century ago but was too rare to be used in jewellery until recently. Moissanite rings and jewellery are becoming increasingly popular, and not just as a diamond “substitute.” Since the stones have more “fire” and brilliance than diamonds, Moissanite jewellery will actually look better than diamond jewellery. It’s a scientifically verifiable reality. Some diamond look-alike stones, such as cubic zirconia, have some gleam and sparkle, but none of them come close to, much less surpass, the diamond.

The expense is by far the most significant advantage of buying moissanite rings and jewellery. A two-carat moissanite ring with three stones would likely cost about $1000. A ring with a similar diamond would set you back more than $5000. Purchasing moissanite jewellery rings is just as safe as purchasing diamonds. They are harder than any other gemstone; only diamonds are harder, and moissanite is only behind, making them just as tough and suitable for daily wear. The majority of Moissanite jewellery rings come with lifetime warranties. Moissanite, like diamonds, retains its worth.

Despite the fact that moissanite rings and jewellery are less costly than diamonds, the high quality stones mean that purchasing moissanite does not bear the “fake” diamond stigma. When it comes to wedding rings, more and more couples are opting for three-stone moissanite rings rather than diamonds, and celebrities such as Vivica Fox, Kiko Elsworth, the members of (the former group) Destiny’s Child, and Marc Anthony are opting for moissanite jewellery.