Making The Most Of Your Hair Salon Visit

Nothing was worse for me as a child than sitting in front of the hair dryer at the salon. I used to come up with any excuse to come out. My planning and plotting, however, only resulted in my extremely thick hair being wet when my hairdresser checked, much to my dismay. You can learn more at try this out

However, I now enjoy my time in front of the hair dryer as well as the whole salon experience. In fact, I’m writing this while listening to my iPod in the dryer. Please don’t believe I’m crazy or that the heat is causing me to pass out. My 3 hours in the hair salon, on the other hand, are some of the most important in my week. I’ve figured out how to make the most of a potential time sink.

In the hair salon, I’ve seen my fair share of frustrated, bored, and impatient individuals. To be honest, I’ve been that person as well. We browse through vintage editions of Jet, Ebony, and hairstyling magazines in a haphazard manner. For me, though, this is no longer the case. I typically do some of my finest and most essential work while being herded between the shampoo bowl, my stylist’s chair, and the dryer. My time at the salon is about more than just personal grooming; it is a time for me to grow personally, relationally, and spiritually.

Having a bag devoted to salon time is the best way to remain prepared. I’m constantly on the lookout for an excuse to purchase a new bag (smile). Put periodicals, newspapers, and other items in your bag when they come across your path. When you go to the salon, you’ll always have something to do or read. Then, on salon day, just throw the bag in the car…and you’re good to go!

10 essentials for your salon tote Stationery (notecards, stamps, letterhead, etc.)

Highlighters and pens (different colors)


Articles or magazines

iPod or MP3 player, personal CD player (with earbuds)

Calendar or PDA Calculator, Notebook or Journal Planner

a contact list

Items for nail care (file, polish, cuticle oil, etc.)

While I was in college, I really started to enjoy my salon time. I needed a break after reading textbooks and writing papers for so long. I used to bring my homework to the salon to catch up on things, but I eventually decided that I needed a break. So I resolved to only bring items to the salon that had nothing to do with school. And it changed the way I went to the salon. I didn’t mind waiting or sitting under the dryer any longer (a reasonable amount of time). I simply grabbed something from my salon bag and was set to go. I didn’t feel like I was wasting any time. What can you do while you’re in the salon? Here are a few recommendations:

There are 11 things you can do when you’re in the salon:

Thank you letters or other handwritten communication should be written.

On a CD, iPod, or MP3 player, listen to music, inspirational messages, or literature.

Plan out your week, weekend, vacation, event, and so forth.

Contact people via phone


Reading books and/or magazines is a good idea (that you bring)

Make a chequebook balance

Purse or wallet should be clean.

Sort through your receipts.

Organize and clip coupons

Refresh your top coat or give yourself a mini-manicure.