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Now that we know how medicinal marijuana affects patients, it’s easy to see why it’s such a divisive issue for so many individuals. The problem is a political or special-interest dilemma in which a good response is twisted into a negative one for political or commercial advantage. Most people associate marijuana with stoners who smoke it and abuse it to get high. Rarely can people picture a breast cancer patient being treated with a low-risk, low-side-effects treatment. Politicians have slammed medical marijuana as a hazardous practise that aims to trick our youth into becoming drug users in order to gain public support by appealing to scepticism. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry is worried that their expensive drugs may be overused. The use of marijuana for medical treatment of chronically ill or critically ill persons has created a lot of controversy throughout the years. Marijuana was made banned for both recreational and therapeutic use in the United States in 1937. Visit The Joint Cannabis Club Medical Marijuana Dispensary Edmond, Edmond.

Politics and special interests, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, have influenced the actuality of prohibition, particularly in medical settings. Medical marijuana has been shown to help a variety of sick people, including cancer patients, at various times and in varied ways. One of medicinal marijuana’s most essential benefits for the sick is its ability to alleviate excessive nausea caused by chemotherapy and the illness itself.

Marijuana can help patients with diseases like Aids, HIV, and cancer by increasing their appetite and desire to absorb more food and minerals. Marijuana can aid with chronic pain, muscular spasms, depression, brain cancer, anxiety, and a range of other ailments. In many cases, it has the potential to be not only as effective as synthesised drugs, but much more so. Finally, there is the medical field.

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