Information Regarding Bicycle Maintenance

Your bicycle will become your greatest buddy if you are an active bicyclist or wish to become one. Basic bicycle maintenance is required to keep your bicycle riding smoothly and efficiently. Even more importantly, keeping your bike in good condition ensures that it is safe to ride. A bicycle is a mechanical marvel that converts human power into motion. However, if you don’t maintain those parts on a regular basis, you’ll have to replace them frequently, which can add up quickly. When I’m out riding, it surprises me how many bikers I pass on the road with squeaking, rattling bikes in such bad shape that you could walk quicker than they’re riding. If you’ve decided to start biking frequently but haven’t yet purchased a bike, expect to spend between $750-$1,000. The $100 Walmart offer should be avoided.I strongly suggest you to visit bicycle maintenance to learn more about this.

The components on the $750-$1,000 bike will stay longer, perform better, and won’t fall apart after six months or less like the Walmart deal. These are genuine motorcycles, built to withstand thousands of miles of hard riding. Bikes can now cost upwards of $10,000 or more in today’s market! Get a decent bicycle maintenance how-to book, such as Zinn And The Art of Bicycle Maintenance. On nearly every topic, YouTube provides excellent videos on bicycle care. Instead of racing down to your local bike shop (LBS) for every little issue, learning to conduct simple maintenance and repairs on your own will save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t be scared by your gleaming, high-tech bike; the majority of the moving parts are simple to service. You will become a more confident rider once you understand how to work on your own bike, and you may be able to assist a fellow rider who has got stranded on the road. It will also assist you in selecting high-quality components when upgrading or replacing worn parts. All of my bikes are built from the ground up, with all of the components chosen by hand. This article isn’t meant to address sophisticated bike repairs and improvements.

The next item to purchase is a flat tyre repair kit. Get a tube patch kit, tyre levers, a small pump or C02 inflator, and several extra tubes. When riding, keep these in a saddle bag or backpack. Nothing is more frustrating than having a flat tyre 20 miles from home or your car and having to walk back with your bike. If you get a flat on the road, don’t even consider mending the tube. Simply swap it out for the spare tube you have on hand. When you try to patch a tube in a hurry, dirt, grass, and grit will get caught between the patch, glue, and your tube. If you acquire a second flat tyre, the tube repair kit will come in handy. It occurs, believe me.

If you have a big blowout that tears a hole in the tyre the size of a penny, strengthen the hole with a dollar note or a thick candy wrapper inside the tyre before replacing the tube. It should get you back to your house, where you can buy a new tyre. Carry your phone with you at all times. Call for assistance if you have an accident or a serious breakdown that you can’t fix. Invest in an excellent quality headlight and taillight if you ride at night, like I do. When I ride, I’m often astonished by how many riders don’t have any lights on. I don’t even see them arriving or gone until it’s too late. They’re just waiting for something to go wrong. I read in the newspaper about numerous fatalities caused by cyclists who were dressed in dark clothing and did not have lights. To avoid being on the top page of tomorrow’s newspaper, I want to be spotted at night. I dress brightly for biking and have a really bright headlight and taillight. Once a week, I ride my mountain bike 30 miles, with the last 2.5 miles being a tough hill climb back to my house. This equates to about 1,500 miles per year.