Details of Duke Homes

The advantage to using a remodeling association to build custom homes is that the builder is not required to hire any employees. This savings, of course, are passed along to the customer. If a two-year production builder builds the homes and then has to hire an employee to install them, the total cost could reach upwards of $80,000. However, if a production home builder uses a remodeling association, he only has to pay for the labor of the workers and subcontractors he uses. Our website provides info on Duke Homes
The construction authority will approve a template message that is to be sent to all customers prior to construction begins. This template message will include the basic specifications for each room in the home, such as floor plans, square footage, doors and windows, and other important information. The idea is to give the customer enough information to make an informed decision. This document does not include the fine print, so the customer is well advised to ask any questions they might have at this stage of the process. Also, the customer is advised to not agree to purchase until they understand and accept the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.
In summary, a contract is created when construction on the project begins and the foundation is poured. At this point, the general contractors’ involvement ends. As the project progresses, the custom home builders’ responsibility is to oversee the construction process and oversee the progress of the general contractors.