Benefits of Ostomy Support Belt

It is not easy for individuals who happened to have an ostomy (opening) in the stomach to live a normal life because they now cannot perform normal bowel movement for a lifetime, especially knowing that will carry bags attached to their stomach till the end. There are many reasons why people undergo ostomy procedures. It is when their colon was removed due to colon cancer, making it impossible for the feces to exit in the anus. Instead, surgeons will open a hole in the patient stomach to redirect the passage of feces. A stoma is formed from the large end of the intestine and sutured it into the stomach skin to keep in place. Since this opening involves a delicate part of the internal organs, it is important to keep them clean and secured. This is why a reliable Convatec stomas skin barrier with flange was made to maintain proper ostomy care to patients even at home. look at this site
Since the stoma serves as a channel for the feces to be eliminated in the body, it is vital to maintain skin integrity surrounding it. Stoma skin barrier is being placed to the stoma to keep the ostomy bag kept in place. An ostomy bag is being connected to the barrier to collect body waste. Generally, ostomy procedure is being performed for greater efficiency during waste elimination. The ostomy pouch system consists of the following items: skin barrier (moldable Convatec skin barrier), ostomy hernia belt, support irrigation sets, bags, caps, deodorant pouch and room freshener. Most of these supplies are given as one package when you purchase it in pharmacies or medical stores.
When purchasing ostomy items especially ostomy bags, do not be confused with the other types/names of ostomy performed by surgeons. There are three categories of ostomy: Urostomy, Ileostomy, and Colostomy. The type of ostomy procedure that was performed should be considered when buying these items. Urostomy is a procedure performed by opening the urinary system. The opening is intended for urine passage out from the body. Ileostomy on the other hand, is an opening that connects the end of the small intestine onto the surface of the skin. Basically, these two possess smaller openings than in colostomy. It is recommended that ostomy pouches must fit to the stoma barrier of any kind ( moldable Hollister skin barrier ). There should be no leakage within the surrounding because this could be one of the reasons of having skin irritations. Normally, a stoma is reddish/pinkish in color, since this is still part of a functioning large intestine. Stomas are assumed to be greater/larger than the skin, and the bag must be flat to fit the opening.