A Brief Overview On Skydiving Magazine

Skydiving Magazine has been the leading source of skydiving news, training, and equipment since 1979. This journal has stood the test of time, consistently offering up-to-date, unprecedented information to passionate skydive lovers. With the claim that it is “produced by jumpers and for jumpers,” it has become the bible for skydiving safety and technique. Our website provides info on iFLY VA Beach
Skydiving Magazine, which is sometimes compared to Parachutist, the only other magazine for skydivers, provides more regional news, safety, and performance articles. Because Parachutist is produced by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), which regulates skydiving in the US, it tends to focus on USPA events and news, technical articles, and regulations. Skydiving, on the other hand, tends to cover competitions in greater depth and also gives information on non-regulatory topics. The popularity of nonconformist skydiving techniques has spawned a new generation of fans who enjoy alternative forms of this extreme activity.
Because the USPA does not recognise BASE jumping, Skydiving Magazine is the only widely circulated source of information on BASE jumping and BASE events. Building Antennae Span and Earth (BASE) is an acronym for fixed objects from which jumps are made. BASE jumping is frowned upon by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) since it is extremely risky and often illegal. As a result, Skydiving Magazine is a leader in this field.
Skydiving Magazine is distinguished by its print style, which is printed on expanded tabloid-type paper with a non-slick finish. It has the feel of a newspaper rather than a magazine. Due to this sort of printing, skydiving is sometimes accused for having poor visual quality and colour. Many people appreciate this style since it has a traditional design and, because to its shorter production cycle, it is always up to date on news and equipment information. In either case, if the publishing style is disagreeable, it is not reflected in the record number of magazines sold to enthusiastic readers every month.